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Digital Marketing

How To Leverage Social Media Ads for Lead Conversion

Brand recognition and user engagement are great objectives to have. But they’re just that – objectives. Ultimately, you’re doing social media marketing to generate…

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Successful Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Every business needs a successful digital marketing company strategy to grow and thrive. Your competitors are constantly trying to get ahead, and you need to…

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Digital Marketing that Grows Your Business

If you are unable to generate enough profit from your business or you are not having success in growing your business, the reason could…

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Top B2B Company in Africa on

Galactic Digital is both proud and honoured to announce that Clutch has chosen us as one of the top B2B Companies in Africa for... Read More

Your Complete Guide to Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in South Africa

Need help finding the right digital marketing agency in South Africa to work with? Read on to find out how below. Every business needs…

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Ask the right questions, to gain insights

Tom Shapiro, CEO for Stratabeat, outlines the critical questions brands should be asking their customers to deliver valuable digital experiences. Amy Gesenhues @…

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8 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing

This is the jet age and everything has moved from physical to digital. Sure, marketing and advertising are no exceptions. So, digital marketing has…

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