How We worked with Audi & VW Auto Clinic to launch their New Website & PPC

The Audi & VW Auto Clinic team came to Galactic Digital because they were unhappy with their PPC efforts. After conducting an audit, we also noticed that the website was not responsive, this surely contributed to the lack of results.


Our team was asked to take over the PPC campaign management for Audi & VW Auto Clinic, but we quickly realised that the other contributing factor to the low ROAS on their PPC campaigns was due to an unresponsive and non-related website.


We got our web developers to put the Audi & VW Auto Clinic vision together and develop something new and responsive for them. After the web design revamp, we got to work on developing a solid PPC strategy, which was implemented immediately.


Within the first 3 months of having the new website, we noticed a drastic difference in their overall PPC results. The Audi & VW Auto Clinic team are extremely happy with our service and remain a loyal client of Galactic Digital since November 2019.

Results We Generated

Below are results generated by our digital agency within the first month of assisting the client.


195 %

The impressions were on 2,255 on average and in the first month, our team got them 179,279 impressions.


79 %

Their campaigns were receiving on average 247 clicks. Our team was able to increase this to 572 within month one.

Cost per click

160 %


During this first month their digital startegist managed to get their cost per click down from R33.36 to R3.65.



We were not able to see how many conversions they had previously received, however, our team was able to generate a total of 18 conversion from their PPC ads.

Amount Spent



All of these results were achieved by going from an R8,200 monthly ad spend to an R2,000 ad spend.

Cost per conversion



These results validate that Galactic Digital’s PPC campaigns were successful, with Good Increases shown for Potential customer reach and conversion rates.