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Business Type: B2C & B2B

Industry: Video Content Creation

Platform: WordPress

Service Provided: Web Development

IMMEDIA is a content creation company specializing in video, photography and social media management services. With them, consider your… content covered!

How We worked with IMMEDIA to launch their New Website

This media creation studio came to Galactic Digital because, although they had a social media following, they needed a website to develop an online presence. We took over for IMMEDIA and developed a new template-based WordPress website for them.


IMMEDIA is a video content creation company run by a small team with very little assistance. They had done an amazing job of laying down a great base for their brand, but needed a full digital agency that could take them to the next level.


In July of 2017, Galactic Digital stepped in to take over and provide a basic template-based WordPress web development solutions. We began by analysing what would be required and decided on what would work best. We also helped successfully setup a new domain name and their website hosting. We still to this day provide ad hoc support to IMMEDIA.


Our web development work was exactly what IMMEDIA has hoped for. This allowed the team to use the website as a portfolio and to turn their already large organic social follows to website visitors and potential clients.