Maskscara are a South African beauty company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing nail products and quality skincare!
Project Type
Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimsation (SEO), Google Ads Marketing
Cape Town, South Africa
How We worked with Maskscara to launch their New Website, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing Campaigns & SEO
Maskscara is a South African-based business that offers nail care products and beauty products worldwide. Their goal was to increase their sales and brand awareness through digital marketing services.
Services Provided
Our team provided Maskscara with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included Website re-design, Google Ads, SEO, and social media marketing services. We understood their target audience and implemented a strategy to reach them effectively.
Success Metrics
To measure the success of our digital marketing campaigns, we used conversions, reach, and engagement as key metrics. Our team monitored the campaigns closely and made necessary adjustments for optimal performance.
Impact on Business
Our digital marketing campaigns had a significant impact on Maskscara’s business. They saw a tremendous increase in online sales and brand awareness, which helped them expand their customer base and increase their revenue. With the implementation of a successful digital marketing strategy, Maskscara was able to reach new audiences and increase their overall market share.

Our digital marketing campaigns had an immediate and positive impact on Maskscara’s business. By implementing Google Ads and social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to quickly build momentum for Maskscara. We found that social media marketing was particularly successful in reaching their target market of beauty technicians and people interested in beauty products.

Within the first month of implementing our digital marketing strategy, Maskscara’s online sales increased by 88%. This was a significant increase for a business that had never run a marketing campaign before. The success of the campaigns continued, with online sales increasing by an average of 102% for the next two months. Afterwards, their online sales continued to grow by an average of 25% month on month.

Key Takeaways
Through proper implementation of Google Ads and social media campaigns, we were able to help Maskscara achieve their business goals and grow their business. It is essential to identify your target market and the best channels to reach them when creating a digital marketing strategy. By constantly monitoring and adjusting the campaigns, we were able to achieve success for our client. Our team’s expertise in web design, Google Ads, SEO, and social media marketing contributed to the overall success of the campaign. We are proud to have helped Maskscara achieve their business goals and continue to grow their business.
Maskscara Web Design Screenshot
Web Design Cape Town
Web Design Cape Town
The Numbers
Results that were generated as a result the new strategy








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