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Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is Google’s advertising program. Google Ads uses an online auction system, enabling you to bid on the ability to have your ad show up under the “Sponsored Listings” in Google search results.

These ads also appear on certain web pages, and they can be extremely valuable to your business if they’re done right. If they’re done wrong, you can end up wasting thousands of dollars on pointless clicks that don’t lead to conversions.

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Our Google Ads Marketing Process

The biggest difference between the people you’re reaching with Google Ads and the people you’re reaching with other forms of advertising is their intent. On the Google search network, you’re not advertising to people who don’t want to be advertised to. You’re advertising to people who are looking for something specific.


Setup & Research
We start with setup and information gathering, allowing us to optimise communications in your Google ads, this phase is important to ensure that the campaign fundamentals have been setup. We start with phase one on all projects, regardless of whether you have a pre-existing account or not. 


During phase 2 is when we optimise our previously setup website, campaigns and audiences to ensure that they are driving results towards the define KPI’s.


Phase 3 is dedicated to ensuring the the campaigns continue to deliver as required. We also explore new potential avenues for development of new campaigns and audiences.

What we Do for you

Galactic Digital is a Google Premier Certified Partner. Our expert pay-per click team delivers exceptional results that can’t be matched. Contact us today to find out what our PPC specialists can do for your business.

There are plenty of SEM companies out there, but none that can prove their results like Galactic Digital can. We’ve generated outstanding results for our clients through our SEM services, and we will do the same for you.

If you want to generate more revenue and guarantee that your PPC campaigns will be money well spent, contact us today. Our expert PPC team will review your account and provide you with a strategy, timeline, and forecast. We can get you started immediately.

Services We Provide:

  • Fundamentals Setup.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Competitor Research.
  • Search, Display, Shopping Campaigns.
  • Audience Management.
  • Visitor Tracking (Remarketing).
  • Keyword Management.
  • Campaign Content Creation.
  • Platform Consulting.

Ready to Work with Galactic Digital?

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