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    Reach Your Target Market With Social Media Ads That Convert

    If implemented correctly, social media marketing has proven to be a great and cost-effective strategy for successful digital marketing.

    We increase your sales opportunities and generate quick marketing wins through strategic campaigns.

    Why Social Media?

    Social media is no longer an option for businesses. With people around the globe using social platforms to interact with brands, it is the single most effective way to reach new audiences and drive your business forward. And considering that there are currently 600 million people on Instagram, 2 billion people on Facebook, and 328 million people on Twitter, failing to strategically and aggressively take advantage of social media represents a massive missed opportunity.

    In today’s world, it feels like everyone is famous. But the truth is, true social media influence comes with quite a bit of savvy. Let Galactic Digital navigate the vast waters of social media, leaving all the technical stuff behind the scenes where it belongs—positioning you with a polished, enviable social media presence.

    Which social media platform is right for you?


    The visual essence of your brand

    Instagram’s potential for business is massive. Users have shared over 40 billion photos to date and share an average of 95 million photos and videos each day. Regarding use, 51 percent of users access the platform daily, and 35 percent access it several times a day. After viewing an ad on Instagram, 75 percent of users take action, such as visiting a website.


    A community for business growth

    Facebook remains one of the largest social media networks in existence, with an astounding 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily. Every 60 seconds, 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. What’s more, Facebook users are extremely interested in business pages, with 71 percent following businesses for promotions and 66 percent following them for updates on new products.


    Meaningful conversations with your market

    Twitter is where people go to talk about the topics that matter to them. There are currently 241 million active users, and they spend an average of 170 minutes on the platform each month. Because tweets that include photos and links receive 150 percent more engagement than tweets that are only text, it’s important to share original graphic designs and branded photos when posting on Twitter.


    Expand your demographic base

    TikTok isn’t just dance videos anymore. There are currently 689 million active users on TikTok. With a 60% female user base, this platform has become a way to connect with potential and future users who would otherwise not see your unique content. Carving your space on this platform now is something we highly recommend with video content continuing to dominate all social platforms.


    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Pinterest is a visual platform with over 450 million users worldwide. Linking blogs from the website to Pinterest and vice versa through social media posts captures a new funnel and demographic that continues to prove worthwhile as an investment as more businesses set up shoppable Pinterest accounts and advertise through this platform.

    Your Social Media Specialists

    When you partner with Galactic Digital for social media management & marketing, we take care of everything. At the outset, we create a custom big-picture strategy just for you—identifying your demographics, refining your messaging, and creating compelling themes for your campaigns.

    Our digital strategists are experienced in creating campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The main goal of our ads management services is to provide business owners an increase in conversion rates, increase in higher quality leads while reducing the cost spend per each conversion and customer acquisition

    Digital Agency Cape Town - Galactic Digital

    Our Process To Perfection

    We approach Social media marketing with your business goals as our #1 priority.


    Prioritisation of audience and competitive research to ensure our targeting is aligned with your business objectives.


    Swift execution allows us to maximize performance and gain data insights quickly.


    Consistent A/B testing allows us to optimize for the best user experience and maximize performance.


    Our social media strategists build unique and data-driven strategies to ensure that you reach your marketing targets.


    Weekly insights and analysis of your account allow us to track progress towards our internal and your goal performance metrics.

    Ready to start you result-driven campaigns?

    Some Friends We Have Made

    “Galactic Digital is well versed and understands the digital marketing arena. The team assists with finding the best solutions for your business and takes pride in their professionalism and delivery on timelines. They have a creative approach to addressing challenges and finding the best custom made solutions. They are experts in this field and will add value to any business that works with them.”
    Chalwyn V.

    “There are very few individuals in the Digital Marketing field that I can safely trust and know the task is going to be activated correctly and with Bruce, he is that individual. I trust Bruce with a lot of our Digital Marketing needs and he has the knowledge and experience to outperform with our digital requirements. He is methodical, quick and brings digital creativity to the table, always achieving the results required. ”
    Renier L.

    “We worked together on an intricate website with many facets. If it looked impossible initially, they always managed to find a way. I would work eyes closed with Galactic Digital in the future.”
    Thérèse F.

    “I have been working with Galactic Digital on projects for a over 2 years now and it's always been a great professional service, I would highly recommend!”
    Clinton D.

    “Such great support and fast turn around time with making any changes to the STC-Southern Africa website. The STC-SA highly recommends Galactic Digital.
    Thank you Bruce Vorster.”
    Ashley W.

    “Galactic Digital's service is impeccable - we are always delighted when dealing with them.”
    Andrew B.

    Are you ready to realize new heights of success with our comprehensive social media management and marketing services? Welcome to the big boys’ table in digital marketing. Our savvy experts will apply proven strategies, experience, and constant analysis to deliver the results you want from your digital marketing campaigns.